Last test ride: Glen Forrest to the start of the Munda Biddi trail

Picked up the trailer from Custom Sheet Metal yesterday evening, watching Brett weld on fat brackets on the back to support two bottle-cages. Means I can carry the stove fuel on the trailer. It was Brett who straightened the bracket coupling the wheel to the frame what seems like a lifetime or two ago.

Today I loaded E V E R Y T H I N G on the bike and trailer. All the water, the food, the electonica, clothes shoes … stuff. The big black roll-down water-proof bag which comes with the Ziflex was getting hung up on the wing-nut which secures the movable arms which affix the trailer to Dreamer’s (name of the Santos) rear axle.

I take a size 4 Allen key and attempt to move the wing-nut and promptly sheared the thing off! Horrified I now stare at a trailer which is all but fucked!

I face up to the inevitable: I am going to have to drive my Dad’s large Ford Falcon down the hill and into the semi-industrial area and hunt for parts to repair the trailer. For I am alone at home with no-one to chauffeur me. It will simply take too long to ride there and back.

Bunnings supplied most of the bits and Auto One the rest (a tiny M3 Allen screw).

I return. I fix the trailer, forgoing Cyklorama’s wing nut approach with one of my own.

I complete loading the bike and trailer.

I ride up to the start of the Munda Biddi track some 8 km east along the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail. I snap a few photos.

Munda Biddi, the start. Even if it doesn't actually say so
Munda Biddi, the start. Even if it doesn’t actually say so

I return to Baz’s place.

Dreamer all geared up
Dreamer all geared up

I am loaded. I am as ready as I’ll ever be. I am nervous and excited. I am committed to DoD tomorrow morning with an estimated start time of 0900.
Heavy … 76 kg bike & load + 86.6 kg me = 162. 6 kg.
Includes 5 ltrs water, a good 10 – 15 days food, 1 ltr stove fuel, tons of electronica, spares and stuff …

Dreamer, ready to go
Dreamer, ready to go

The Plan …

Ride down the Munda Biddi trail to Albany: Munda Biddi is a “1000km track … built through an undeveloped natural corridor. Combine Western Australia’s vast areas of unspoiled forests and bushland, gentle terrain, and year-round cycling weather, and you have the ideal setting for an off-road cycle trail.” I like the “gentle terrain” bit.

Munda Biddi track - 1000 km through SWA bushland
Munda Biddi track – 1000 km through SWA bushland

Continue along the coast, turning left (north) at Esperance, turn right (east) at Norseman and …


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